Xarah Dion - Plein Nord

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Label: Zodiaque Musique
Release date: 2019-06-01
Units: 1
Artist Xarah Dion

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Format: Cardboard CD

"Xarah Dion offers up her third LP PLEIN NORD. Brimming with incisive dance rhythms, the hypnotic compositions are a unique blend of past and contemporary coldwave. Dion has let time shape meaning and structure rather than forcing sound with a concept or aesthetic theme. Unknowingly, stripped bare, the album grew like mineral in the quiet dark – its irregular beauty, its throb and drive, its solitude and whisper, are the crystallized facets of process and patience.

Beneath PLEIN NORD is a rich foundation synthesized from Dion’s knowledge of music. After studying the waves (post-punk, new/minimal/wave, left-field house/techno...), she brings together her baroque music training, extensive musicianship and self-taught electronic music production to craft a vision of her own. At first guided by raw analog electronics, the album is powered by Dion’s renewed interest in production.

Tracks [CD0]

  1. Ethos Eros
  2. Volte-Face
  3. Avalanche
  4. Plein Nord
  5. Noces De Cuir
  6. Bucolique
  7. C'Est Un Acte Silencieux
  8. Blandine