Leslie Da Bass Koridorid



Leslie Da Bass´i new album Koridorid


In March 2018 Leslie Da Bass's New Solo album Corridors is on the recorder's light. This is Leslie's 6th-time gaming machine and is also the first to host a variety of women's crafts. "I'm always trying to find a new topic and this, mostly women's co-operation plan, I do not have yet," said Leslie. A woman is also a topic that goes through most of the stories on the album. "Women are now strongly in the picture," he stresses. This is how fantastic Maria Faust was flown to Denmark for the album, who is crazy about his saxophone in several tracks. Singing Evelin "Elastic" from Võigem and Marilin Congo Scandal Single Lady Woman. In addition to making a long playing voice Hannaliass Uusma, who has been Leslie's musical soulmate for over 10 years in the legendary HU? project name. He is also the guest to hear a Reilika Saxon silver voice singing on the album. The album includes several mixers and drummer Rasmus Merivoo.


Leslie Da Bass aka Leslie Laasner is an electronics and pop artist who has won many Estonian Music Awards. Multiple Years of Electronic Arts and Men's Choice. The title winner of the best pop, hit and newcomer titles. He has written and released nearly 20 full-length albums in various compositions and solo recordings with music. There is also a couple of big scandals in his pamphlet, related to the stories "Depressive small towns in Estonia" and the recent nuclear explosion - "Woman."