How do we fix broken packages?


Lets say You have eagerly been waiting for Your favourite vinyl to arrive and once You receive it, it looks like this. Sucks right?

What do You think we do next? Do we cry and blame the Post Office that they have ruined everything? Do we stay quiet and tell noone about it? Do we listen You and replace it with a new one?

Yes, we listen, we care and that is why we are sharing this post to show that even, if this happens once in a year, we are here to solve the issue and we won´t stay quiet about it. We would like to thank our customer from France who cared enough to give us this kind feedback about this particular parcel. Thanks!:)

Did You know that music lovers are a way different kind of customers than, for example, in the fast-food restaurant? We here respect each other, we talk to each other and listen each other, because music unites us and belonging into this community simply feels amazing!:)

So whenever You feel that something is not right or everything is superb, then share it with us because this is the only way we can keep the community running strong and healthy.