Celine Dion new album "Encore un soir" out now!


Céline and René’s vision of a new collaboration with legendary artist Jean-Jacques Goldman came to fruition with this tailor-made title-track “Encore un soir”, marking a long-awaited reunion, 12 years in the making!

Other renowned collaborators joined Céline in the making of this new opus. For the first time, the legendary Francis Cabrel and Serge Lama co-wrote a song for her. Jacques Veneruso, her most trusted ally in recent years, who has contributed the unforgettable hymns: “Je ne vous oublie pas” and “Parler à mon père” has written and composed a new song as well. Grand Corps Malade, who had collaborated on Céline’s Sans attendre album has once again offered his poetry to this new album.

New partners have also been added to the family. Zaho, who has proven with her song “Tourner la page” that she knows how to write crossover hits, contributes to the new album. Florent Mothe et Mutine add their names to this new story with four pop-flavoured songs.

As Quebec is always close to Céline’s heart, she wanted to pay tribute to its rich musical repertoire by reinterpreting the classic Robert Charlebois song “Ordinaire”. Marc Dupré, a multi-platinum artist in Québec and author of many chart topping radio hits, is also collaborating with Céline on this album. Let’s not forget Daniel Picard, who saw his song “À la plus haute branche” chosen from over 4,000 submissions following a contest launched on Céline’s website.


More involved than ever, Céline voluntarily chose uplifting themes that focused on life and positivity.


 ELLE “Cooler than ever, Céline Dion is back in mourning, but not in tears, with a French album that will definitely succeed. Phenomenal.”

La Presse ★★★★ “Céline is back with a collection of songs tailor-made for her by a mix of renowned and new coming collaborators.”

Le Journal de Montréal “Decidedly, the queen of pop isn’t letting go of her crown just yet!”

Le Paris Match “Encore un soir remains a dignified and sincere album that will ignite sales. Luminous in her interpretation, Céline Dion signs an emotional return on disc.”  •


1. Plus qu'ailleurs (Francis CABREL - Serge LAMA / Francis CABREL)
2. L'étoile (Fabien MARSAUD known as Grand Corps Malade / Manon ROMITI - Silvio LISBONNE - Florent MOTHE)
3. Ma faille (Zaho / Zaho - Ludovic Carquet -Therry Marie-Louise - Flavien Compagnon - Giorgio Tuinfort)
4. Encore un soir (Jean-Jacques GOLDMAN)
5. Je nous veux (Nelson MINVILLE / Marc DUPRE)
6. Les yeux au ciel (Fabien MARSAUD known as Grand Corps Malade / Manon ROMITI - Silvio LISBONNE - Florent MOTHE)
7. Si c’était à refaire (Alice GUIOL / Jacques VENERUSO)
8. Ordinaire (Claudine MONFETTE known as Mouffe / Robert CHARLEBOIS - Pierre NADEAU)
9. Tu sauras (Zaho / Zaho, Ludovic Carquet -Therry Marie-Louise - Giorgio Tuinfort)
10. Toutes ces choses (Nelson MINVILLE / Marc DUPRE)
11. Le bonheur en face (Manon ROMITI - Silvio LISBONNE - Florent MOTHE)
12. A la plus haute branche - (Daniel PICARD)

BONUS – Deluxe Edition 
13. A vous (Zaho / Zaho - Ludovic Carquet -Therry Marie-Louise)
14. Ma force (Vianney BUREAU)
15. Trois heures vingt (Eddy MARNAY/ Patrick LEMAITRE)