George Ezra ‘Staying at Tamara’s’


George Ezra ‘Staying at Tamara’s’

George Ezra, announced that his long awaited second album will be released in March. The album is named 'Staying at Tamara's'. Three years after appearing on her first album, 'Wanted On Voyage', George returns to stories on escapism, dreams, anxieties and love. The first single, 'Paradise', is a freakish, good mood.

Just like the first album on Staying At Tamara's inspiration from George's trips, where she was fascinated by the Skye Island, the pig iron farm in Norfolk, the corn flour in Chen, the rebuilt cowshed in North Wales, and the Airbnb apartment, owned by Tamara in the title of the album. The result is a cumbersome, metallic, wind-blown album that emits the positive and encouraging feelings of delicate inner senses.

George speaks of the story: '' Paradise '' began with a melody that did not leave my head ... But later I wanted to write a story that would bring out the feelings that come about when you meet a new person and fall in love with him. We often find ourselves in doubt in the feelings we have and try to explain to ourselves what all these could mean. But with love there is no hesitation - it is like he is, and I identify it with a paradise. "